A brief introduction


I am a qualified expert in Mechanical and Process Engineering, specialising in Automotive Technology. My career to date has focused on the professional areas of establishing and securing operational capability based on standardisation and progressive excellence as well as coaching executives and teams at globally operating medium-sized companies. Most of my clients come from the automotive industry (Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen), the automotive supplier industry or medium-sized industrial production companies.

I now prefer to take on C-level interim management roles in the areas of COO, plant and production management, project management, development/engineering management and de-escalation. I mainly acquire such roles by contacting larger and globally operating medium-sized companies but I am also happy to discuss options with enterprises and groups of companies.

Operational Focus

  • Lean management and lean production with upstream standardisation and industrialisation
  • System-based project management and process optimisation
  • Gemba, “Hands-On in the Engine Room”; Kaizen/CIP/KVP
  • Operational HR structural development, coaching operational executives
  • De-escalation of supplier conflicts, plant relocation, security of supply
  • Technology development with accelerated cycles for series-production readiness

Jörg Tuschling - Interim Operations Manager

For almost 30 years I have been working with professional expertise and passion in the international operative technical management.

In 2016 I founded my company OES international GmbH and I have been supporting my clients as an Interim Operations Manager to master upcoming challenges with my expert knowledge since then.

The following mindset: “Success is best summed up in two words: DO IT.”

According to the original quote by J.W. von Goethe


My expertise and my many years of professional and life experience enable me to combine specialist and social competence at a high level and in perfect harmony. These skills are accompanied by a talent that I have developed over the years, namely my ability to act and make decisions based on my institution alongside facts, figures and data. My clients and colleagues consider me to be a pillar of strength as a senior manager who navigates through troubled waters with a trustworthy and exemplary approach, providing orientation, demonstrating feasible solutions and supporting their implementation.

OES stands for "Operational Excellence Solutions". My customers and business partners can rely on first-class operational solutions for the tasks entrusted to me.

Education & training

09/1989 - 09/1995
Diplom degree studies (equivalent to an M.Sc.) in Mechanical and Process Engineering, specialising in Automotive Technology Qualification: Dipl.-Ing.
Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

05/1986 - 02/1989
Military service, non-commissioned officer
Panzerpionierbataillon 7 Pirna tank pioneer battalion

09/1984 - 04/1986
Apprenticeship as an Agricultural Machine Mechanic, Neustadt in Sachsen, Germany
VEB Kombinat Fortschritt Landmaschinen Berufsschule Dr. Theodor Neubauer vocational school

Areas of expertise

  • 30 years of leadership experience in Germany & abroad
  • COO; technical plant, location, profit centre, project & production management
  • Establishing operational excellence within the context of developing organisational excellence
  • Increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • SMED process optimisation for security of supply
  • Operational HR structural development: recruitment, integration & employee engagement
  • De-escalation across continents
  • Project management for de-escalation at the start of production
  • Establishing companies in Germany & abroad
  • Location development
  • Setting up plants & managing ramp-ups
  • Plant relocation


  • Lean & change management
  • KPI-based control loops
  • Gemba, “Hands-On in the Engine Room”
  • CIP/KVP/Kaizen; 5M/5Why; 5S
  • Methodical operational & technical coaching
  • Training, coaching & management of operational & technical executives
  • Didactics for knowledge transfer, moderation techniques & conversation techniques

Leadership skills

  • Entrepreneurial competence by developing competitive advantages
  • International competence by establishing communication structures for the internal & external interaction of management staff; specialising in Eastern, South-East & Western Europe
  • Time spent abroad:
    - Ukraine: 2 years
    - Hungary: 2 years
    - Romania: 3 years
    - Czech Republic: 1.5 years
    - Other destinations: China, Japan, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden, Slovakia, Turkey, France, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Languages: English: fluent; Norwegian, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian: basic skills
  • Operational HR competence
  • Team structuring, employee empowerment & identifying, promoting and supporting potential

Further management skills

  • Industry knowledge and professional competence based on acquired expertise and long-standing professional experience in the fields of automotive and industrial production
  • Restructuring and modern alignment of project teams and production plants
  • System expertise in the integration of online-based IT systems, for example Celonis data mining in combination with Lanner simulation at production hubs
  • Project-related technology development with accelerated cycles for series-production readiness
  • Intercultural competence in the synchronisation and optimisation of operational and technical units across countries, companies and departments

Further education & training

  • Change Professional / Change Management
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Systemic Management
  • Facility Development
  • Intercultural Training (Japanese-East/Middle Europe)
  • Production Systems Development
  • International Logistics
  • International Project Management
  • Intercultural Training in Eastern Europe
  • Human Resources Management in Shift Operations
  • ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

I place value on

  • Respectful and appreciative cooperation at and between all corporate levels
  • Knowledge and application of modern operational IT systems combined with a well-established wealth of human experience
  • An empathic and active approach to generation management

Projects & Successes


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